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Throughout my dissertation process, I struggled greatly with the lack of guidance for simple things like knowing how much I needed to work each day to actually make a dent in my drafts. This was frustrating and would often result in "binge writing" followed by weeks of no writing. Sound familiar? 

As I continued in my studies and working on my draft I started to develop different writing plans and trackers. Unfortunately for me, my LAST semester I finally developed the one that worked! Fortunately for you, that is what I have made available here. 

By purchasing a monthly subscription plan you will have full access to the resources that helped me plan, focus and keep on track for my dissertation. You can sleep well at night knowing exactly what you will need to do the next day to stay on task and not become overwhelmed.


I, sadly, also had the experience where my entire committee quit the university and left me trying to find a completely new committee. Talk about a time for a breakdown...this was it! To help you from ending up in a place where you have no one to turn too, I have also created an online coaching opportunity. This is the catch-all, whatever you need, I am here for you to help you in this process type of coaching! Just need one session or want a reoccurring person to help you out? Great! You set the pace and I help meet your need. 

Curious but not ready to drop a lot of money into something yet? Check out the free subscription, this will give you a tiny taste of what we offer in the online community. 

Online Coaching

Are you looking for a way to completing your dissertation/thesis without getting lost in the process?

Try our one-month free subscription to get a look inside the resources we offer.

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